Creative whole person screaming chicken pet toy venting


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The screaming chicken is a kind of plastic sounding toy. When the rubber toy is pinched, it will make a sound, and the sound is very fierce. Nowadays, the work pressure is high, and the pressure-conscious workers are looking for ways to decompress. They are screaming at the fashion stores of the chickens and become the new favorite of white-collar workers and students. When you need to vent, you can squeeze it hard, how to pinch it, how to pinch it, listen to it so badly, we know: "We are not the worst." After a few vents, the mood is stretched, and then fully devoted to work and study. The chicken was screaming and screaming, and the chicken immediately screamed with a scream of screaming, and the sound gradually subsided as the chick was slowly inflated and swelled. With different strengths, the different parts of the chicken are screamed, and it also emits screams of different tones, and the sounds of screaming chickens of different sizes are also different. Different pinches will make a variety of tragic chicken cries, funny and extremely funny.

Type: Screaming Chicken  

Material: Rubber
Size: Approx 17 cm; 31 cm; 39 cm
Package Included: 1 pcs toy

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