Dog Bites And Makes Noises Plush Toys


Don't forget these...

1. Simple mode: sniff and find small snacks in 9 gaps. Limbs, body and tail can hide snacks.
2. The structure is simple, and the dog can easily learn to look for it.
3. Two hidden sounding airbags arouse the curiosity of pets. The head and abdomen have vocal airbags, and when bitten, they will make a crisp impact sound, which arouses the curiosity of pets.
4. Horse chestnut vocalization processing, instilling and squeaking constantly attracts, ears, limbs and tail are built in the vocal paper, constantly vocalizing and singing, it is more interesting to play.

Product information:

Product Category: Sounding Toys
Material: plush
Weight: 0.15 kg
Specifications: orange lion, gray monkey, yellow cow

Size information:

Length 36*width 22*height 2cm

SHIP:  United States (5-13 business days)