Toothbrush Chew Toy Dog with Cactu Shaped Suction Cup for Oral Care SP


Don't forget these...


  • 360° teeth cleaning

A dog toothbrush with rubber particles cleans teeth more effectively than others. When pets bite, the dog's teeth will rub against various grinding teeth, which can effectively remove rice residue, dirt and tartar, thereby protecting the dog's oral health. The serrated and conical molars are arranged alternately to form a novel cleaning channel. The suction cup with gear-shaped edge and the 360° molar protrusion on the edge can clean the dog's tooth path in all directions.

  • Chew toy

Adopting suction cup design, it can be adsorbed on smooth surfaces such as glass and tiled floors. And there are some interactive fun, attract dogs like to play with toothbrush toys, effectively reduce pet anxiety, and prevent dogs from destroying their homes. A unique sound device is installed at the end of the chew toy, which can attract the dog's attention, greatly increase the dog's interest in the game, and avoid the dog's loneliness!

  • Novel design allows pets to brush their teeth

The rubber pellets outside the dog's toothbrush chew toy can be used to massage the dog's gums. In addition, the suction cup design can stably fix the toy, and the toothbrush can suck vertically and horizontally, so that the dog can better clean the teeth. Your puppy will be more interested in our newly designed dog toothbrush and can have great fun brushing teeth. For your fur baby, this is a novel chew toy, they will like to chew it.

  • Skills

Don't let your dog chew the molar stick for a long time, otherwise, the dog will lose interest and may destroy it. If some food attractant or toothpaste is put into the newly designed tooth cleaning channel before chewing the newly designed tooth cleaning channel, there will be a better cleaning effect. It really realizes the function of the dog brushing his teeth while playing.


Material: TPR

Color: Blue, Green, Yellow

Size: 130*9.5*9.5 cm/51.2*3.7*3.7 inch

SHIP:  United States (5-13 business days)